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Fortunately for you and me, another happy reader of the book is Ross Mcgowan of Scotland.

Ross was educated at Edinburgh University where he got a degree in Electrical Electronic Engineering. He then worked in chip design for 7 years
before moving to the mobile phone industry. At present he is looking after his 2 year old son full time and in his spare time (and also to keep him
sane) he has a you tube channel called "
channelaboutmyinterests" which covers topics that he is interested in. Feel free to leave comments on his
you tube channel and also subscribe.

After Ross read this book, he decided to recreate the computer described in the book with LogiSim, a popular tool for circuit designers. He also
created a series of 24 videos that show how it and its parts work, and how to use it. Further, he has decided to allow me to share his work with other
interested parties. Therefore, here it is, and many thanks to you, Ross!
Computer Simulation with LogiSim
Here is the main CPU page as it appears in LogiSim.
Download your own copy of this Simulator right here, right now!

Click this link to go to the LogiSim website, and from there, download and install Logisim.
   If your computer does not already have java installed, you'll need that too (
Java )

Download CPU_DESIGN.circ by clicking on the link below. (This is the simulation that Ross created)

Run the LogiSim program, and from the file menu, open the CPU_DESIGN.circ file.

If you're familiar with LogiSim, you'll probably know what to do. If not, start watching the videos and Ross will explain all.

Ross also wrote an Excel spreadsheet that will compile new programs that you write. It has its own link below.

The last link is the output from compiling the simple multiplication program. You can load this into the simulation and run it
(this is demonstrated in the videos)
Click here to view the 24 videos (it is a playlist within Ross' YouTube channel)